Our school has over 60-year-old tradition in the training of professional personnel in economics, service, administration and office professions. The teachersí and managementíspreoccupation is the aspiration to keep pace with the rate of social and economic changes in Poland and Ćwidnica region.

Making allowances for the directions of restructuring of our region and starting the reforms in the country, we have introduced new educational programmes compiled by the Institute of Educational Investigations of MEN, and we have also executed many innovations and modernization in already existing educational programmes. The indispensable requirement of education is its high relevance to practice.


We achieve this through the best firms in the area, educational trips, and first of all, through talking advantage of modern objective studios, such as: typewriting, computer, advertisement studios and the studio of sience of commodities, the studio of interpreneurship and office, as well as the simulation company.

The aspiration of our school is also to develop our studentsí physical skills. Therefore, we organize physical education classes on open-air objects of the Centre of Sport and Recreation (OSiR), in the sports hall, the swimming pool and the ice-rink.


Our students have the possibility of developing their skills in every field. They take part in numerous competitions and contests, such as: the Accountancy Contest, or the Competition of Knowledge of Economy, in which they are often successful.

The students also edit their own school newspapers and take part in the arts, sports and artistic competitions.†††